Slow Days Indeed.

These are very slow days to be sure. It is troublesome to think how much effort has gone into denying the democratic campaign to save Dollhouse.

7 Responses to “Slow Days Indeed.”

  1. magnusbarfod Says:

    “It is troublesome to think how much effort has gone into denying the democratic campaign to save Dollhouse.”

    No. It’s troublesome to think how much effort you have put into trying to save a television show that cannot ever be re-born.

    • @Mangusbarfod Simply mudding the waters with false facts and making personal insults is not constructive.

      • magnusbarfod Says:

        Where are the false facts and personal insults? Seriously? Point them out….do.

      • Your entire post on June 5 was nothing but a vast personal insult. Nothing I say to you will persuade you in any event, since you are merely intent on bullying me and mischaracterizing my actions.

  2. magnusbarfod Says:

    Wow… I nearly said “Is he mad?” out loud there…then I caught myself in the act and realised…yes. Yes, you must be. Because any sane person, reading my post of June 5th, would be dammed hard pushed to characterize it as “…nothing but a vast personal insult” or come to the conclusion that I’m hell bent on “…bullying [you] and mischaracterizing [your] actions.”

    You sir, are mad. I’ve had enough now. I’ve tried putting it nicely. I’ve tried leaving comments on this blog in the hope of, at some point, getting a chink of sanity on these issues through to you. The simple facts have been stated. A one man campaign to save a canceled TV show will never work. The fact that the one man behind the motion is a deluded, homeless stalker makes it even less likely. Your pathetic petition? Not worth a barrel of spit. Your ‘outreach’? Idiotic and pointless.

    The fact that the cast, crew, writers and producers of the show ALL HAVE OTHER NEW JOBS makes it even less likely. The fact that you have lost your car, your house and your dignity in this process is sad. It is also an indicator of your twisted mental state.

    Vast personal insult? What, with comments like:

    “in other regards you seem like an intelligent individual. Your commitment to your chosen life style is…oddly impressive”


    “I really hope that some day the clouds will part and you’ll be able to find a modicum of sanity in this issue.”

    Yeah, man, I’m a hideous, insulting bully.

    Fuck this buddy. I give up. I hope nothing bad happens to you, but frankly, at this point, you’re asking for it. I’ve seen your facebook page. Your friends seem, from their comments, to care about and worry for you. You, selfishly, don’t seem to be able to even admit you have a problem. Your mother…Christ, I nearly emailed her to wish her well. I hope that one day you’ll be able to look back at this behaviour and feel ashamed of what you’ve no doubt put her through.

    They say it’s not the fault of the ill. Hell, a close relation of mine has suffered from mental health issues, so I know how hard these things can be. But you need to WANT to be helped before you can be.

    Eliza Dushku would run from your presence. I think it’s time you did something to make sure that your mother and sister don’t one day feel the same way.

    No doubt this will either be ignored or met with dismissal. You’ll miss my point, or say I’m a bully, or some other bullshit defense mechanism. Fuck that.

    Get help, you poor, sad, ill man. Get help and let this sick fantasy go.

    • As I said before, nothing I say will convince you. Your posts clearly do not reflect any real respect for me or interest in the campaign- they reveal only meanness.

      • magnusbarfod Says:

        You’re wrong, I’m afraid, on the respect or meanness comments. You’re right, however to say that nothing you say will convince me.

        Not unless you say you realise that your wrong-headed campaign is over and you’re seeking medical help.

        That, I’d like to hear. Not once have you been able to answer any of my points with logic, fact or sanity. You just fall back on playing the victim.

        Snap out of it man. Your life can’t go on like this.

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