Banned again….really?

I wrote some scripts for Eliza Dushku. I love her and that is what I did.

I just discovered my freehostia account has been blocked for some reason.

All I’ve done is write some scripts and say I love someone.

2 Responses to “Banned again….really?”

  1. magnusbarfod Says:

    At what point do you think Ms Dushku – who has a boyfriend, by the way – would consider your behaviour to stop being merely enthusiastic, and become the actions of a stalker?

    As I’ve said to you before, in other regards you seem like an intelligent individual. Your commitment to your chosen life style is…oddly impressive, if not healthy, but one of the indicators of poor mental health is a false self image. You see nothing wrong with how you’re behaving; 99% of people know that claiming you love a celebrity, starting a website to proclaim this love, driving to LA to give her scripts, becoming homeless, car-less and jobless in the process, and refusing to accept a clear and inarguable fact – the cancellation of a tv series that cannot and will not be renewed – are clear signs that you are not a well and balanced man.

    You say you love Ms Dushku. Truth is, if she met you, she’d probably be terrified of you. You’ve teetered over into edge of fandom and love into a creepy place – a place occupied by stalkers and obsessives.

    I really hope that some day the clouds will part and you’ll be able to find a modicum of sanity in this issue. And I really hope it happens soon, before something bad happens to, or because of, you.

  2. My freehostia account was reopened.

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