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I can’t stop loving you.

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Eliza, I never want to walk away from you. I want to I want to spend my life with you. I care about you more than anything. I love you.

I’ll give you everything I have.

I’m sorry if I’m exhausted right now, but I’ve been in the homeless shelters for several months and things haven’t gone as well as I hoped. Please love me back. I have a ring for you.

You said A so I’ll say no more.

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I trust you. See you soon.

Need Help.

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Tore Simonsen asks Eliza Dushku to marry her if she agrees. Eliza you are the only thing that completes me. I would do everything I can to make you happy.

I would simply like to add a few things. I have been trying to save Dollhouse for a very long time because I love Eliza Dushku. The Citypages featured an article about me and the efforts to save the show.

I have posted thousands of posts and tweets asking people to save Dollhouse. Almost all of my twitter accounts have been shutdown.

I also testified before the legislature.

I just got an email from

What matters to me most is Eliza Dushku.

At the same time, I have tried to post in as many forums as possible to get the message out.

You can also check out my tweets.

If you are on Twitter, please sign the Twitition ASAP.

Tore loves Eliza

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I spent the day walking from place to place, mostly, ironically in a sort of quixotic trance walking up to strangers and asking them for directions to a wedding which so far does not appear to exist. I sometimes have to remind myself how this all began with simply falling in love.

I did considerable outreach today and generated a lot of traffic, but at this point, I am more interested in my Twitter page.

I really do not want to return to the shelter tonight. I’ve been sleeping in the shelters for months. I will have to go back to SafeBay tonight. If there was no rain, I would probably sleep outside. The conditions in the shelter are terrible. As I walked through the cancer survivor park, I read the plaques they have lining the sidewalk and it struck me there was a huge similarity between dealing with cancer and living in the homeless shelter in terms of the strain on mental conditions.

I continued to try to get the word out about Dollhouse.

I stayed so late at the Triple Rock cafe in hopes Eliza would show up that I was literally sleep walking back to the shelter at times. It was three in the morning when I returned to the shelter. My experiences at the Triple Rock were at times so surreal that I couldn’t help but feel an odd sense of deja vu.

Today, I finally had to throw out my own clothes because they smelled too much.

As the day progressed and my energy levels dropped, I had to stop wandering around and return to the park where I could catch up on some much needed sleep. I leaned back on the grass and drifted into a sleep that only began to refresh me.

I am haunted by the possibility that Eliza Dushku has not read my scripts, particularly the fourth script.

Eliza Dushku’s Marriage to Tore Simonsen

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On June 25, 2010 Tore Simonsen will marry Eliza Dushku if she agrees. If you know where and when, please provide details.

Groom Tore Simonsen

Triple Rock Social Club June 25, 2010

Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1220

The music tonight is Austin Lucas.



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Please let me know. 612-333-SEXY.

Eliza Dushku and Tore Simonsen Will be Married @ the Triple Rock Social Club on June 25, 2010.

Eliza Dushku

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I love you.