Grandmother’s Day

At talk of the stacks, the focus is on Barbara Graham’s anthology Eye of My Heart about being a grandmother. It includes 27 essays about being a grandmother. The event is timed with mother’s day.

The presentation featured readings by Sandra Benitez and Judith Guest.

I know nothing about being a grandmother, so this should be very interesting.

Each author will read excerpts for their book.

Barbara Graham never considered doing a book about being a grandmother. When she became a grandmother, she realized that being a grandmother is much harder than she thought.

Sandra Benitez is talking about her story about an “owie” tree. She also wrote a book called Bag Lady. The story seems very serious.

On a more light hearted note, Judith Guest speaks about a trip she took with her three granddaughters. Judith Guest’s trip is a humorous account of the trip. The audience laughs hysterically as she reads her essay. The audience adored her essay. When they had a chance to actually hear the essay, Judith Guest’s granddaughters were upset about the fact that she left out all the fun parts from the trip.

Barbara Graham then reads an excerpt from her book. It is far more serious and focuses on fitting in as a grandmother and on the pain of having a grandchild move far away.

The essays seem to focus on the joy and pain of being a grandmother. The authors talk about the pressure to be a grandparent and the challenges grandparents face when families change.

On the upside, they all talk about how the relationship is about love without responsibility.

Overall, the event was very successful. The post reading book signing did not have enough books for everyone. They sold out. There were some complaints about that fact.

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