My goal is to save Dollhouse.

I attended the Minnesota House committee meeting at Health Care and Human Services Finance Division. There was extensive testimony, much from institutional players, about the proposed changes to the MFIP funding and more.

I am homeless. I am not receiving GA, but I took the opportunity to testify. I focused on the deprivations of fundamental rights and censorship threats to democracy.

You can watch my testimony here.

I am uploading the video to Dailymotion.

I mentioned my interaction with other political figures, specifically Rep. Tim Walz and Gubenetorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Those stories can be found on my post on unconventional politics.

As I summarized in my testimony, my goal is to save Dollhouse.

Please help save Dollhouse.

Please sign the e-petition.

Save Dollhouse by signing the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Please send emails.

Save Dollhouse by sending TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

Please sign the Twitition.

The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

PLEASE!!!! Let other people know about the efforts to save the show.

13 Responses to “My goal is to save Dollhouse.”

  1. Lila Norcutt Says:

    What does a committee hearing about changes to MFIP have to do with Dollhouse?

  2. David Stockman Says:

    I agree with Lila, Tore. Although I admire your tenacity in testifying about poor conditions in homeless shelters, I am baffled as to how testifying to a government committee on conditions at private charities has anything whatsoever to do with your stated goal of saving a TV show. I think you are showing symptoms of thought disorder when you link the two. Maybe I am wrong.

    Could you address this one question: how does testifying about homeless conditions in any way relate to saving Dollhouse?

  3. David Stockman Says:

    The Minnesota Family Investment Program, or MFIP, is the state’s welfare reform program for low-income families with children. How is this related to saving Dollhouse?

  4. suiseisekiirl Says:

    I’ve said it before months ago and I’ll say it again:

    You need help.

    Your obsession with Dollhouse and your infatuation with an actress who doesn’t like you has not only destroyed your life, it keeps you from rebuilding it. If you put only a fraction of the effort into finding a job as you did saving Dollhouse you would be able work for your own salary and possibly pay for a small hole-in-the-wall apartment so you don’t have to go back and forth between shelters or worry about showers.

    The longer you’re homeless and the longer you draw out getting a job the bigger not only doesn’t help your cause, it increases your chances of something going wrong and a situation which may result in a possible denial of service from one or more of the places you frequent.

    You need to realize that Dollhouse a ship that has had a torpedo put into its side and that the longer you stay on in your futile attempts at pumping out water, the higher your chances are that you’ll sink along with it. It’s time to abandon ship and work your way back to shore.

    • I love Eliza Dushku. I do not care if any of you understand this. I will continue my democratic efforts to save Dollhouse. I do not have to explain every decision I make to you or anyone else. Many of the haters continue to post the same mind numbing refrain while expressing a fake concern for me or the show, when the history of their posts clearly reveal otherwise. Now I have pressing problems to address as my digital camera and USB sticks are currently missing.

  5. Oh, Tore. I do appreciate your efforts to get people aware of the show. You’ve worked much, much harder than the FOX peeps at advertising it. And I do love you for it. But when is enough enough? I wish you’d take a well needed rest, and start living for yourself. You’re obviously an intelligent mind, capable of many great things, and you’re letting all your potential go to waste.

    Sometimes I think the attention we give you on this blog is worsening the problem. It certainly doesn’t help it.

    Saving Dollhouse can’t really be your only goal in life, can it? There’s so much for you out there Tore, so much more than this. I hope one day soon you’re able to see that.

  6. David Stockman Says:

    The Minnesota Family Investment Program, or MFIP, is the state’s welfare reform program for low-income families with children. How is this related to saving Dollhouse?

    If you believe in democracy and the market place of ideas, and if you mount a public campaign, it is only fair to ask that you answer our question. I have never hated you, and I have never expressed “fake” concern for you or “the show”. I want to see you get your life together. Deep down inside you know there is something very wrong and that you can’t continue down this road. I ask the question to help you understand that is has no answer that is based on logic or reason.

  7. Hell, I’m still trying to save Angel 😦

  8. magnusbarfod Says:

    “Now I have pressing problems to address as my digital camera and USB sticks are currently missing.”

    See, now I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t some carefully planned joke.

    Of course they’re missing…you’re in a homeless shelter.

    I stumbled across your blog by chance a couple of months ago, and have been dropping by to see what you’re up to ever since. I have no axe to grind, I’m not a hater expressing false concern.

    But if this isn’t some sort of meta performance art, then the facts are that you DO NEED HELP. Seriously.

    I’ve tried using logic with you before – the show IS NEVER COMING BACK. Just ignoring this and saying “I love Eliza Dushku. I do not care if any of you understand this. I will continue my democratic efforts to save Dollhouse” or something similar, isn’t a valid response. It doesn’t even begin to cut the mustard. And if you don’t want commentators on here asking you to justify your actions, don’t have a public blog.

    But your actions need questioning. Even if you do love Dushku as you think and claim that you do…so what? She’s certainly not interested in you. Not even slightly. I tried contacting her through her agent and her twitter feed, asking if there was anyway she might be able to email you about all this nonsense (I also said that if you were an active stalker, please feel free to ignore me…) I didn’t get any response. It’s a shame, but there you go.

    She’s currently producing a film about photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Joss Whedon is prepping The Avengers. The writers and actors all have new jobs. The sets are down. The ratings were awful. It’s never coming back, no matter how many flyers you hand out, or how much ‘outreach’ you conduct.

    You need to stop this. You seem intelligent. You seem, in many ways, engaging. As said above, if you concentrated this single mindedness somehow, in a way that uses your obvious education productively, imagine how much better your life would be.

    Please, pretty please, if you reply to this, don’t just say that you love Eliza and will continue to try to save the show. She doesn’t love you, she never will, and the show will never come back.

    How long before reality hits home here? Seriously?

  9. Ken Bottema Says:

    Tore, I hope there is someway to get you to move on and focus on the future. I wish I had the answer. I know there are people that love you and are waiting to help you move on, myself included. WWJ(W)D? What would Jack Wylde Do? Move on. Get yourself goin’! Many of us hope you do.

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