Twins Outreach:Game 3 Twins versus Cleveland.

The Twins are playing well and the fans seem to be enjoying the new stadium and are very supportive of the team.

Meanwhile, police have cleared two corners for the stated purpose of facilitating the flow of pedestrian traffic. I was handing out materials by the Smalley’s 87 sign. After a scalper and liquor store were cleared out at the direction of the police, I moved as well. Police then apparently allow people in Twin’s outfits to distribute material. (Sources have indicated these people are actually volunteer county workers.) The people distributing materials are in the red outfits. You can watch the video which shows the police next to the distributor of materials while they distribute. This may not seem interesting to you, but it involves “state” selection of speech. The atmosphere has a carefully crafted appearance of normalcy, when in fact other voices have been eliminated.

The police provide a facially neutral reason to clearing some people out, but apply it selectively. It gives some groups preferential treatment over others. This could impair a myriad of groups trying to conduct outreach- bars, scalpers, night clubs, energy companies, environmental groups- you name it. I’ve received plenty of promotional materials from a wide range of people. Of course, it affects me as I am trying to save Dollhouse.

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