Breakfast at Branch 3

Today was not a good day at Branch 3. I needed to shower. As I have explained before, showering at Harbor lights- Safe Bay is not an option for me. I needed a shower, so I went to Branch 3. I took a ticket early and was able to shower a few hours later.

The breakfast, however, was a disaster. I got some oatmeal and a donut. There was a piece of old lettuce on my tray. It was not in the area that I was eating, but it clearly was not meant to be there. I commented on this to the people at the table, pointing out that there was some old lettuce on my tray. One of the individuals at the table asked me to complain. I said that if I complained, nothing would happen. An argument ensued about whether or not I had a duty to report it. Another individual piped in that the food is free and I shouldn’t be eating there. I explained that having raised money by volunteering for Taste of the NFL for such purposes, I felt I could complain, but did not feel that I should have to always do other people’s job for them. Rather than continue the pointless arguments, I complained to the kitchen. The kitchen told me to talk to the people at the front. I took my tray and complained to Archie who said he couldn’t do anything about the problem because they were relying on volunteers. (I’m not sure what that has to do with anything).

I returned to my table where I told them that I had complained about the situation and that as I predicted, nothing would be done about it. I was then told to pray. I took my tray over to the dishwasher and told him to be sure to clean the tray.

Of course, I could not take a picture of any of this.

After that, I waited a while before showering.

I have been told the situation at House of Charity might be better.

5 Responses to “Breakfast at Branch 3”

  1. If you got a job and worked during the day you could afford to pay for your own meals and then you wouldn’t be at the mercy of these people.

  2. David Stockman Says:

    What was the issue with the showers at Habor Lights again?

  3. David Stockman Says:

    Have you considered contacting Dr. Phil? He is good at this kind of thing. Whether it be poor conditions at the homeless shelter, or your preoccupation with love, Dr. Phil has seen it all. Maybe he would consider helping you in some way.

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