Twins Crowd!!!

The scalping continues during the Twin’s seasons. Too be sure, the crowds at the Twins games are huge. There is all manner of activity going on in the downtown area. I routinely see outreach by all kinds of groups and organizations. There are the bicycle cabs (relying on tips). There are the street musicians. There are performers (like the clown who also works at the Shakopee Trailers of Terror event as Freddie Kruger in October). There are all manners of promotions- free drink coupons, free admittance to clubs, free towels, free granola bars and caramel corn. In other words, it is a very lively atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the scalping situation remains a bit odd. It seems like the hardest tickets to come by are singles. It is clear that the scalpers do not want to split tickets up. It is best to find someone to go to the game with to avoid this hassle. Also, it is not clear that the seats will generally be cheap. One scalper was trying to sell tickets with a face value of $77.00. That means you should expect to pay a lot.
Although one scalper complained about the new stadium, he still made money on ticket sales. He held on to his tickets until he felt he had to let them go. He did not want to chance missing out on a sale. There was a lot of interest in the tickets, even if it was hard to get people to actually part with the cash. In fact, I saw people try to purchase tickets for the next-day’s game from scalpers.

Many people seem to be buying their tickets in advance. It is clear that many people understand that the scalping system may not meet their needs on any particular night and so it is best to plan ahead for the outing.

I also spoke to Jesse about the stadium itself. He felt the stadium is designed in a traditional way rather than the “modern” design that typified other stadium designs. In general, most people have been very positive about the new stadium.

I continue to hear from a variety of sources that the stadium workers have to put in very long days sometimes- 12-15 hours. There is speculation that hiring is on-going through DNC.

As I have mentioned, a few homeless individuals are working at the Twin’s stadium. One of these individuals was able to work his way out of the shelter.

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