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One of the things which really helps overcome the hassle of homelessness is the occasional gaming break. It is very important to keep a positive mental attitude. Too many people succumb to the negativity of the environment, in part because they do not find ways to take breaks from it.

One way to escape from the negativity of homelessness is gaming. Despite having few gaming resources, a game which I am currently playing a MT:G style game called Elements which is free to play at Kongregate.

The game does have some differences from MTG and it takes a lot of time to build your deck up. Since I don’t have many upgraded cards, I haven’t had much opportunity to play PvP. I think you need to really build your deck up first and that requires a serious time commitment. My first PvP match was against a player who played thousands of rounds, so it was pretty unbalanced. I’ve been grinding away at single player for the time being.

Based on some of the tips, I’ve created a deck which is good for grinding level 3. (The wiki advice is to stack dimensional shields/phase dragons with an Aether deck. I’ve added a few cards- like poison to keep it a bit more interesting, but it works on the same principals.)

A variation of the wiki recommended phase dragon/dimensional shield lvl 3 grinder.

May 5, 2010 Update: I’ve been playing around with a new deck using the air mark. I built a Firefly Deck based on the Wiki and then took it more Rainbow. This is an okay level 3 grinder. It can win Level 5 sometimes. It does not use any upgraded cards.

After a while, I began playing around with a Graboid Rush/FFQ deck based on a variation. It does pretty well but struggles against the poison deck in level 3. Not so good for level 5 though.

FFQ w/Graboid

As a site, Kongregate is worth a look- even though it takes some amount of effort to find a game that might suit you. The conversation in the chat rooms, however, tends to be pretty hit or miss. You’ll do best if you stick to discussing specific games. I’m also not sure why they set chat room population limits so low. They have moderators who pop in and out once in a while, but since you can mute any griefers, it’s not clear what the moderators are needed for. If you spend some time in a room like the lair, you’ll get used to the silence pretty fast.

4 Responses to “The elements of gaming on…”

  1. I’ve played that game before, it’s pretty fun. I prefer the other card game at that site though, Kongai. I find it more fun and you don’t have to grind so much to get good cards and build up your deck. If you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to beat experienced players. So you should try out Kongai if you haven’t.

    • I played Kongai. I made a mention of it on the old blog. They just added new cards. I found it very hard to win cards in Kongai- mostly had to play the challenges in other games to win them.

      • They added new cards? That’s awesome. I haven’t played in a while but new cards will make it fresher so I’ll check it out again. I didn’t find it hard to collect cards, in fact I built up an unbeatable (mostly) deck in just a few days and I haven’t even used my 3 free ones yet. My cards on Elements were quite good, too, but I cheated a bit for that and googled Element card strategy so I knew what kind of deck I wanted (after reading about all the kinds) and what to buy. I always get whooped in PvP in Elements as well though. Maybe we can play sometime. And I’ll look through your other blog.

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