Minnesota Legal Market

I ran into an old law school classmate yesterday. We spoke briefly. He seems to be doing well. He made partner a few years ago. We caught up about a few things and he mentioned that the legal market in Minnesota remains brutal. As far as he sees it, the Minnesota market cannot sustain four law schools.

I tend to agree that the Twin Cities is too small a market for the number of law schools it has. While it may not be better anywhere else, it is hard to imagine it could be much worse. The staggering student loan debt levels combined with a weak economy and a glut in lawyers can crush anyone.

Even if you do find work, it can be stressful and full of long hours. Many lawyers find themselves in unhealthy work environments with little satisfaction and few job alternatives.

I certainly over the years tried to avail myself of many opportunities in the legal profession. I received few opportunities. Nevertheless, I do not miss the opportunity to practice law.

One Response to “Minnesota Legal Market”

  1. David Stockman Says:

    Federal student loans are not the catastrophe they used to be:


    I understand you don’t miss the practice of law, but niche markets exist for those who are optimistic enough to try. Check out the National Legal Aid & Defender Association web site. Click on “Jobs”.

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