Minneapolis Sports Events

The Mizuno Northern Lights Volleyball qualifier is wrapping up today at the Minneapolis Convention center. Volleyball teams from all over the region have come to Minneapolis to play in the tournament. Everyone seems to be having a very good time at the event. People paid $15 for a 3 day pass to watch the competition.

Meanwhile, the Twins are playing again at home. The crowd was outstanding. This is to be expected on a perfect Sunday. Unfortunately, ticket scalping problems persist. People could not find cheap tickets today. It was a tough market today. One individual resigned himself to watching the game in a nearby establishment and planned to purchase a ticket for a game months down the road. Other people struggled to find seats that were together. (Some scalpers had multiple tickets, but they were singles.) Another individual, Jesse, figured that luck would be better spent trying to go to a more affordable weekday game. There was still a large crowd of people milling around Block E after the game started- apparently still hoping to find suitable tickets.

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