Twins Today

There was a very excited crowd gathering to watch the Twins today. Good weather combined with a weekend game seem to have brought out a lot more than usual. I talked to a friend who had trouble finding a single to buy. The box office was sold out. It was not a buyer’s market. Scalpers were charging very high prices for today’s game. People felt lucky to get a $57 ticket for $70.

I watched a few innings at Smalley’s 87 Club where refills on coke are free.

I continue to do outreach to save Dollhouse. There are far fewer promotions today than there were during the last week. At the same time, the Target Center is pushing people away from their corner and forcing people onto the other corners.

Update: I saw these interesting statutes around town.

7 Responses to “Twins Today”

  1. Agent Zig Zag Says:

    Look, I’m just going to go ahead and copy and paste my last comment again (I figure if you’re just repeating yourself, there’s no reason I can’t). This time, though, rather than just say how much you love Eliza, of how hard you’ve worked to save the show, could you please rationally address the points I’m putting to you?

    “Dollhouse is canceled. It’s staying canceled. It won’t be coming back in any form, including comics. Joss has confirmed this. They knew from very early in the second season that there would be no third outing, so every plot line was engineered to lead to epitaph 2. The story has been finished. They had the unusual chance to finish their tale (unlike Angel or Deadwood, for instance) and they did exactly that. Joss has spoken in interviews about how he feels on this subject. As far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing more to say.

    The sets are down. The cast are signed on to other series. Joss is making Cabin in The Woods and the new Avengers movie. There is, quite literally, nothing to save. It won’t be coming back.

    And anyway, if Joss really did have the chance to resurrect one of his shows, he’s choose Firefly. That’s not debatable; he’s said so himself. Accuse me of making up things that he’s said if you want (as people here seem to have done a lot already), but this is fact. It’s in interviews with the AV Club and press junket reports from Dollhouse and video from comic con and so on.

    Dollhouse is over. It had a good run, and ended up being a great series. But deal with the facts: It isn’t ever coming back.”

    I’m not trolling, or attacking you, or just trying to be negative. I think you’re displaying serious symptoms of mental health issues. I’m not calling you mad, but you’re not 100% well either. You need to lok at this logically. You really do.

  2. Actually Dark Horse (the company who puts out the Buffy comics) recently said they’re interested in doing a Dollhouse comic and have spoken to Joss and it’s a big possibility. 🙂

    • Agent Zig Zag Says:

      I’m just repeating what Joss has said. If Dark Horse want to get one going, fine. Good, even (though the quality of the Buffy / Angel comics has nosedived recently).

      But that doesn’t change the reality of any of my points.

      • The first step in the process is to see that the show is not homeless. I am sure that Eliza Dushku and the myriad of talented people involved with Dollhouse are capable of continuing Dollhouse.

  3. Hey Tore,

    It was cool seeing you today. Keep the hope alive. Hopefully I will see ya soon.

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