David Lipsky on David Foster Wallace

Tonight I am covering a book event at the Hennepin County Central Library. The speaker is David Lipsky. Lipsky is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. He is promoting his book Although of Course You End up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace. The book provides an intimate portrayal fo David Foster Wallace during his 1996 book tour for Infinite Jest.

The crowd is buzzing. Moby is playing on the speakers prior to the speech. A few minute later, a speaker from US Bank introduces Lipsky.

Lipsky begins by discussing, in rather personal tones, his participation with Wallace on a road trip.

Lipsky is still shocked by the discovery that Wallace was suffering from mental illness. Lipsky feels that Wallace was a charming, alive, and awake individual. Lipsky feels that Wallace was the best writer for the last quarter century. He wants to share this with us.

Sadly, David Wallace kills himself. Lipsky begins with reading the afterward, which focuses on the death of David Wallace. I tried to record the lecture, but my battery ran dead. I guess if you want to know how the story goes, you’ll just have to buy the book.

More than anything, Lipsky wants to share with us, how alive and vibrant Wallace was.

The discussion is too detailed for distillation in a blog post. The conversations are funny. Despite the levity, the conversations also take dark turns into Wallace’s experiences with the mental health community and its negativity.

The interviews are intense, but illuminating.

In any case, I understand the podcast will be available online.

Afterwords, David Lipsky takes the time to sign copies of his books for fans. He really took the time to speak to each person who attended and seemed to write lengthy insets. David Lipsky strikes one as the kind of person who likes to make himself available to people.

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