The Twins- Game 2.

The good news is I am currently back in at Our Savior shelter for the week. My position on the wait list was high enough to secure a temporary bed there.

I also conducted outreach at the second Twins home game.
As people may know from my prior posts, some homeless people are currently working jobs with the Twins.

Today, the Minnesota Twins were playing the Boston Red Sox. I was fortunate enough to receive a free ticket from a scalper who could not sell any more tickets. It may have been the fear of rain which dampened scalper sales. In any case, I was very grateful for the opportunity to go to the game.

Despite some showers, the game played through the full nine innings, but the Twins did not win despite some late inning life. (The seat I had was underneath the stadium, so even with the rain, I did not get wet).

Even though we lost, I had a great time at the game. Thanks.

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