Homeless Connections.

I attended project Homeless Connect at the Minneapolis Convention center. It began at 10:00 a.m. I got there about 10:15 a.m.

There were many happy volunteers, social service agencies, and government workers in attendance.

I stood in line for a while to get assigned a guide. It is a typical role for a volunteer. Usually, they do a short intake in which they asked you the same tired questions and then try to figure out what you will need. My guide was a very nice young woman who was studying public health issues and looking for a new job this summer. We parted ways at lunch, in part, because I knew that too many services would not be forthcoming and her volunteer opportunity could be more productive with someone else.

As my stay at Our Savior shelter ends tonight, securing some kind of housing was my first priority. I already knew that housing issues would not likely get resolved. Too many programs require either mental illness or chemical dependency problems to get into. Others programs requires some kind of government assistance to qualify for. One odd pre-requisite for assisstance is the one that requires at least one year of homelessness. As expected, nothing was going to work for me. I spoke to Robert from Simpson shelter and explained I would go to the lottery to try to win a waitlist spot tonight.

Discussions with the William Mitchell legal clinic proved more fruitful. In my discussions with legal clinic staff, they made several constructive suggestions for handling a specific issue.

Volunteers from Willliam Mitchell Law School

Even more interesting is the possibility that one organization said they might have the discretionary funds to pay my parking ticket in Los Angeles. I cannot imagine that my parking tickets are greater than other peoples needs.

I got a very nice haircut from Pam who works at a salon in General Mills. I had to wait hours to get my haircut, but finally they worked me into the rotation. Scissor cuts moved faster than buzz cuts. I also reminded people that Tracy Muse is cutting hair at St. Stephen’s shelter. Tracy is cutting hair on Mondays starting at 3:30 pm. He only takes up to 6 people, so sign up and get there early.

Technology issues remain a mixed bag. Margaret from Branch 3 employment center informed me that the computer situation has not changed. (I left her with Linux distros on CDs for anyone who wants to install them on an old laptop- be sure to back up your files.) Ed from TCVM indicated no progress has been made on the internet cafe idea, but it is still being kicked around.

On site at Project homeless connect, a computer lab was set up for making resumes. It was constantly busy. As for internet access, the on site internet cafe closed early. It was supposed to be in the room next to the telephones.

The job fair had a handful of employers there. Doherty Staffing solutions, Hilton Minneapolis, Hyatt Regency, Kraus Anderson Construction company, the Mall of America, Marquette Hotel, and Sheraton Hotel had a presence at the site. Not too many employers in light of the number of homeless people in attendance.

On the transportation front, the MTC did not provide any free bus fares or cards. One bright spot, Minneapolis Public Schools did have some one fare rides in the Education section.

As for me, the sad truth is that I will not, in all likelihood, have adequate shelter beginning tomorrow. The emergency shelters at Tramp Camp and Harbor lights are only good for staying warm- not good sleep or showering.

The lottery did not go well last night. The place was brimming with unmet needs, despite the project homeless connect earlier in the day. At present, I am only eligible for waitlist stays because you become ineligible after each 28 day stay for a period of 28 days. I attended the lottery and did not get on the waitlist.

I spent my last night at OurSavior and must now return to the emergency shelters (either Tramp Camp, Dorothy Day in St. Paul, or SafeBay). None of these options is good. There is no locker in SafeBay or Tramp Camp on the first floor making it a risky environment. At the same time, I find the showers inadequate at these locations. I currently have all of my things packed around with me. I can store a few items at Our Savior, but not until 6pm. I had to do my laundry before obtaining storage- no point in not having clean clothes or storing dirty ones. (As regular readers know, locker storage is a critical unmet need for homeless people.)

Of course, I conducted as much outreach as I could under the circumstances. Thank you to all who listened.
Please help save Dollhouse.

Here are the links to save the show:

Save Dollhouse by signing the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Save Dollhouse by sending TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

19 Responses to “Homeless Connections.”

  1. David Stockman Says:

    No showers at Tramp Camp or Harbor Lights? What are you going to do? Will you have food? Will you have access to basic hygiene practices like showers and bathroom sinks at all, anywhere? Maybe you should retreat on Dollhouse to advance in your life. Have you considered accepting help from friends or family?

    • They have showers, but I prefer not to use the showers at Safebay. I have showered at Tramp camp on the second floor as they have doors there. I may have to use the showers at Branch 3 again. I am on a waitinglist for a locker/shower at the downtown ramps (ABC), but do not expect to get on a list anytime soon. If people would advance Dollhouse things would go smoother.

  2. David Stockman Says:

    Two Putt Tommy makes a good point regarding his holiness. I know the Pontiff is eighty something, but I’m sure he surfs the web everyday looking to buy Viagra from Mexican pharmacies, which don’t require a prescription.

    As for making Dollhouse a State operation, I would like this idea, but only if Joe Biden is in charge of marketing. At least with Joe, we don’t have to worry about a filter between his actual thought process and his speech. It will just come right out….whatever is on his mind.

    I do think, though, there is life after Dollhouse. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    [Note from Tore: The person claiming to be Two Putt Tommy is not Two Putt Tommy. At the request of people who know Two Putt Tommy, I have been removing those posts. The attribution of these statements to Two Putt Tommy is misleading.]

  3. I think at this point you’re just being stubborn. Dollhouse is not coming back, no matter what you do, I think deep down you know this. I also think that a part of you is just doing this to spite your family, because you can. They’re telling you not to do something, and instead of listening to them, you’re taking it to the extreme in the other direction. But it is your life, which is something you’re trying to make very clear by going against what everyone else thinks is best for you, so do what you will.

    • This comment brought to you by the letter B.

      • Dollhouse wasn’t any good, so I don’t really care about it. I do like your coverage of other twin cities issues and homelessness though. If you do give up on saving Dollhouse you should keep this blog going.

  4. David Stockman Says:

    The jobs are in China.

  5. Lila Norcutt Says:

    You write, “I already knew that housing issues would not likely get resolved. Too many programs require either mental illness or chemical dependency problems to get into. Others requires GA or some kind of government assistance to qualify for. As expected, nothing was going to work for me.”

    What would work for you? If you don’t have problems that cause your homelessness, then why are you homeless?

  6. David Stockman Says:

    Retreat to advance

  7. David Stockman Says:

    RAMSEY County accepting applications for Assistant. County Attorney 3 position in the civil division until March 26, 2010. To apply go to: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/ramsey/default.cfm

    • You seem to be ignoring the larger issue of the conditions at the so-called job centers. The employment center at Branch 3 does not have ink for the printer- people cannot print cover letters and resumes. Nor does it allow for the use of CD’s or USB devices (no bringing your prepared resume in). There are jobs people cannot apply for at some job labs simply because the center has a site blocker.

      • David Stockman Says:

        Well, I’m more concerned with you, Mr. Simonsen. By your own admission you are not disabled or sick. You obviously have a great deal of computer savy, and I believe the evidence shows that you have the ability to find a way to print resumes and cover letters. You have a netbook, and I’m sure you can find a way to print papers at libraries, as you did with your summons and complaints.

  8. Tore won’t get a job any time soon because he’s obviously too mentally ill to get hired anywhere in this economic climate.

    Employers want someone who is psychologically stable, not fixated on an actress he’s never met and show that’s been canceled.

    Quit encouraging him to “save dollhouse.” And quit with the snarky comments about the state buying dollhouse. You sound like grade school bullies.

    • Even when presented with Dr. Tom Grace’s email saying it’s love, people continue to try to defame me with labels of mental illness. Apparently one cannot write scripts as an expression of love without being labeled insane?

  9. David Stockman Says:

    If you trust Dr. Grace, call him, and follow his treatment plan. Dr. Grace acknowledged that you are feeling “love”, but he never diagnosed you with love because that is not a legitimate diagnosis. He went on to say, the love you are feeling is self destructive. Your misconception of Dr. Grace’s opinion is symptomatic of your illness. All of my comments to this blog are made to help you understand that indeed you are suffering from untreated mental illness, and that you need to get help. You are a fine person, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. But it is clear to all of us, including the ones posting encouraging remarks about Dollhouse, that you are mentally ill. You have done far more than write some scripts. You have separated from your family, and have become homeless all in the name of a tv show. that is not normal. Your fixation on the girl and the show demonstrate a level of emotional and sexual development that is very unusual for a man of your age. Deep down inside, whey you become aware of this, it will be very painful for you, but it will also help you heal and mover toward a more normal life. Best wishes. Again, please get help from friends, family, or professionals.

  10. David Stockman Says:

    Yes, same old tired refrain….. You can see this pattern in others, but you lack the capacity to see yourself in the same light. My heart goes out to you. I can gather from your blog here and other entries you have made, that you believe that if you save Dollhouse, Eliza will marry you, and you will both move to Italy and live happily ever after. This is pure fantasy Tore. You do not have a firm grip on reality if you believe you and Eliza will get married and move to the Italian countryside. You need help. If you look at the second page of your posted mental health records, they state that you are moderate to high risk. The first paragraph, first page of your records which you have relied on to reassure people are the “subjective” section of your records, e.g. what you have reported about yourself. You should research the “SOAP” method of medical record notation to truly understand what your records state about your health. I believe if you truly understood them, you would not post them. They clearly state you need help. Do not be ashamed. Let others help you. Same old tired refrain… Same old tired refrain.

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