…Never Runs Smoothly

Recently, I was confronted by a staff/volunteer at Branch 2 of Catholic charities who prevented me from distributing my fliers to save Dollhouse. I will not reiterate the entire story as you can read the background here. In short, I tried to take the staff/volunteers picture. I was told that I could not take photographs inside the shelter.

The next day at Branch 3 of Catholic Charities, I tried to take photographs of people playing Madden 2010 on a Playstation 3 for a second time at Branch 3 and was again told no. READ ABOUT HOMELESS GAMERS HERE.

As a result of these denials, I sought a legal order to enjoin them from preventing me from conducting outreach to save Dollhouse and allowing me to continue to take pictures.

I am asserting that Catholic Charities invades privacy by video taping everything at the shelter. I also assert there is a first amendment right to engage in solicitation and free speech as a homeless resident at Hennepin County secure area. The fact that it is a charity and not the state should not make a huge difference. I maintain that fundamental rights cannot be outsourced by transferring the administration of programs to charitable organizations. Allowing charities to eviscerate the first amendment would effectively create a “charitable” curtain, isolating members of the homeless community and impairing their ability to communicate with the outside world. Disallowing photographs/media in this environment would also fundamentally impair legitimate news gathering activities. What are they trying to hide?

Judge Bruce Peterson denied my motions for an injunction but allowed me to file a full complaint.

My complaint can be obtained here.

In any event, Catholic Charities finally responded to my complaint. Here is their answer. As you can see, Catholic Charities is essentially denying almost everything.

One interesting note, Catholic Charities admits it is taping homeless people while they are sleeping in paragraph 18. They write, “In response the allegations in paragraph 17, Catholic Charities alleges that it maintains security video cameras which monitor activities in the common areas of Branch II which operate while guests are sleeping. Catholic Charities denies the remaining allegations.”

Some readers will recall that I asked Minnesota Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL) whether homeless people should be videotaped while they sleep in homeless shelters. My efforts were featured in a City Pages article. You can watch the video to see her response which is carefully crafted but open minded.

I want to make clear that all of this stems from my simple wish to express my love for Eliza Dushku and save her television show.

Recent events are not making it any easier for me to help save the show for the woman I love. I do not have much longer to stay at Our Savior Shelter. My last day is Monday night. At the same time, TWITTER has suspended all of my accounts again!

Please help sign my petitions and send some emails.

Please sign the TNT petition online.

Please take the time to send TNT EMAILS.

The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

Thank you.

19 Responses to “…Never Runs Smoothly”

  1. Lila Norcutt Says:

    Did you ever post a copy of your Complaint?

  2. David Stockman Says:

    It looks to me like the papists are going for attorneys fees and costs in their answer. Do you anticipate them taking a judgment out against you if you lose this case? I hear the papists are a little short of dough right now for some reason.

  3. Corey Mahoney Says:


    Don’t let the Pope intimidate you. Keep up the good work.

  4. David Stockman Says:

    I know the Pope may seem like an intimidating man, but just think of him naked. On second thought, you better not do that. That is probably what he wants you to do. Maybe start reviewing Canonical law so you can take this thing all the way to the Vatican.

  5. Corey Mahoney Says:

    Tore, you’re probably too old for the Pope, so you can picture him naked if that makes you more comfortable. I do think it is a good idea to study Canon. Perhaps you can use the proceeds from this litigation to fund Dollhouse.

  6. David Stockman Says:

    If these Opus Die members give you permission to amend your complaint to 1) include an acknowledgment and 2) remove your plea for punitive damages which by MN statute cannot be plead, and if you then are successful in obtaining funds for a jury fee, and take your case to a jury, and ultimately get a favorable verdict, can they merely vacate the judgment by going to confession? It would seem the papists think they can claim redemption to avoid liability on just about anything.

    My point is this. You can’t win this case. Wouldn’t your life be better spent working on something with a better chance for success? Better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. You should think about moving on. You would not be the first to have his heart broken.

    • Corey Mahoney Says:

      The Pope has his plate full right now:


      Tore might be able to secure a legal victory against his infallibleness while he is distracted by the burgeoning pedophilic sex scandals that plague The Holy See.

      This is the best time for Tore to move forward.

      • David Stockman Says:

        Certainly the Holy Father is not a Dollhouse fan. I believe his favorite show is Webster. Having said that, suing the papists is a futile effort. They have money and power to burn (no pun intended). Tore might do better to concentrate on improving his own life rather than take on this ancient institution.

  7. Lila Norcutt Says:

    There is one point that I guess I don’t understand. Even assuming that Catholic Charities is treated as a state actor (a point they surely will not concede), isn’t the restriction on solicitation within the shelter a legitimate time, place, and manner restriction? It is content neutral. It is arguably there to protect the people who are in the shelter from being bothered. Isn’t it reasonable to have a rule against solicitation?

    • I raise the equal protection argument for that purpose. In any event at Branch 3 today, the census stopped by today with clipboards and loads of paperwork. They walked through the crowd during breakfast and solicited information which will be used to fund programs, such as the one at Branch 3.

      • Lila Norcutt Says:

        So are you saying that the solicitation policy is an acceptable limitation on speech, but that it is not being equally enforced?

  8. David Stockman Says:

    Lila makes a good point. Sounds like Lila is an intelligent girl, possibly quite attractive. She certainly knows her Constitutional law. Social networking is a fine way to meet good looking, smart young ladies, if one is interested.

  9. David Stockman Says:

    Of course, this only applies if Lila is over 18. If she is not, she should not be using the internet without her parents permission.

  10. […] This led to a few questions for Minnesota Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher regarding perverse funding incentives to maintain homeless populations. Another question she was asked was whether homeless people should be videotaped while sleeping in the shelters. You can view her responses here. […]

  11. […] Basic background about the case can be found here. […]

  12. […] Regular readers know, I have been running a blog to save Dollhouse for Eliza Dushku, who I love. […]

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