Our Savior Job Club- BYOC

I attended Our Savior’s job club last night. Basically, the job club is focused on resume writing and online applications.

Unfortunately, the computer lab at Our Savior appears inadequate for the job. The computer I was working on did not have any Microsoft Office products on it. I suggested they put OpenOffice on the machines. The computer also did not have Adobe Acrobat reader. I was able to read the resume I had on my USB by uploading it to my GoogleDocs account. Such a measure is not practical.

There was no way, I could use the machine to effectively create a resume. WordPad was the most advanced program on there.

In the meantime, the computer lab was being redesigned to avoid perceived threats to “security”. Most people will wonder what threats to security there could possibly be to a homeless shelter computer. The computers are dilapitated and have no important information on them. Most people simply want to be able to use the computers to their fullest abilities as a way of communicating with the rest of the world to advance their own opportunities. People are interested in social networking and job seeking and creative endeavors. As IT continues to focus on security it overlooks functionality and the machines are increasingly useless. Job sites get blocked, documents do not get created, and connections are not made.

It remains unexplained why there is not an emphasis on making sure that people can use the machines to the fullest extent possible rather than an emphasis on simply restricting use in response to phantom threats.

Soon, Our Savior Job Club will basically be BYOC or forget it. Of course, I’ve always maintained they overlook the obvious solution of USB bootable systems which would allow for some user flexibilty while bypassing many security concerns…

One Response to “Our Savior Job Club- BYOC”

  1. How do the expect people to get jobs without decent computer equipment. Might as well not have a computer lab.

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