5 Responses to “Twitter shows no mercy”

  1. Sounds like they’re chomping at the bit to suspend the one account you have. what about the other users that were following you? why should they be punished too?

    • It is a real problem for the people who were following my other accounts. I think my TorelovesEliza account had over 200 followers. Although their information is in my inbox on the associated email account, it is not readily or easily transferable to my other account. Overall, it would be very helpful if others did as I requested and helped tweet to promote the links to save the show.

    • Well they suspended all my accounts only a few days later. No surprise there. Again, I have to go through the ridiculous appeals process. In light of their actions, I see regulation as inevitable.

  2. […] Most recently Twitter had closed most of my accounts. […]

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