Mobile Food Vendor Hearing.

I attended the lengthy mobile food vendor hearing at city hall.

I made some small comments about the marketability of the consent by adjacent property owners, consistent with my concerns about closing public space and converting it to private benefit.

It was suggested at the meeting that the city does not own the sidewalks at all but that it merely holds a right of way easement in them. A council member suggested that the practice of selling consent be prohibited by ordinance. Staff suggested that the provision requiring owner approval could be simply stricken from the ordinance.

It is somewhat concerning that the city’s position is that it merely has a right of way easement. Is there any public space left?

I will try to incorporate a better discussion of this matter in the future. I imagine the video of the hearing will be on the website soon. For now, I can only say there were many questions raised by a lot of people. The room was full of participants who came to voice their concerns over the proposal. Most people seemed supportive of the concept but had serious concerns over specific aspects and how it affected them.

If you want to review the staff report on mobile vendors or look at the PowerPoint presentations, you may do so here. Scroll down for the appropriate links.

The video is available here. I make my appearance at 31:24.

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