Io9 interviews Enver Gjokaj

IO9 features Enver Gjokaj on his latest internet project.

A few things worth noting in the Io9 intereview, in which Enver says:

“We’re definitely not Joss here, but I was inspired by Joss and by Felicia, the way they got out ahead of the ball on the cutting edge of controlling their content.”

It is very clear that life would be much simpler if fan funded efforts to keep shows alive on the internet existed. This could bypass many difficulties with sponsors and the networks themselves. It could be done- certainly with Dollhouse.

The interview also goes on to talk about how great it was for Enver to work on Dollhouse:

“I’m kind of looking for the next project,” adds Gjokaj. “It’s really hard, after Joss, to find a show you want to do.” He’s already turned down some projects because they didn’t seem like the right step after Dollhouse. “Dollhouse was an amazing experience for me.”

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