Elves have no souls?

I was reading in Osric that Elves cannot be resurrected because they have no souls.

The text on page 50 (regarding the spell of resurrection) is clear:

“Elves cannot be resurrected, having no souls, but humans and the rest of their ilk (half-elves, dwarfs, etc.) can be affected.”

So half-elves have souls, but elves do not?

It seems like a major RP drawback to play a character type that cannot be resurrected. I’m not sure if that rule is fair.

Update: It has been brought to my attention on the Knights and Knaves Alehouse forums that a rod of resurrection will work on elves. It’s on page 319.

One Response to “Elves have no souls?”

  1. Sweetrivers Says:

    Where were you reading this? Is it a table top rpg or a fantasy story or stuff about folklore?

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