Twitter versus Twitter.

Twitter continues to maintain its position that my accounts should be suspended. I continue to appeal the suspension.

A few things should be noted:

1. You can have multiple twitter accounts.

2. They set the limits on your how you tweet.

Nothing I did was not made possible by Twitter in their intentional design. If Twitter wanted to limit the of tweets I make or the number of replies I have, they can code it into Twitter.

I want to be clear: Any Justin Bieber fan who tweets “excessively” about their love for Justin Bieber while supporting their new album could just as easily have their account closed if Twitter is allowed to have its way.

The point of social networking is to social network. As a result of Twitter, I lost all of the followers I had- people who truly responded to my messages. What good does it do to try to tweet and make new contacts if Twitter can simply close your account?

This is not just something that affects me, it affects others as well. Make no mistake about it: I was using third party tools while Tweeting- but no more. Adobe Air and TweetDeck- now worthless to me. Twitition- can’t really leverage it with my accounts closed.

At the end of the day, the Tweeple should be able to decide whether or not to support my efforts to save Dollhouse- not Twitter.

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3 Responses to “Twitter versus Twitter.”

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  2. J Random User Says:

    It’s “affects” not “effects”.

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