I really love Eliza! Please help.

Save Dollhouse.

What you can do to help save Dollhouse:

Save Dollhouse by signing the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Save Dollhouse by sending TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

9 Responses to “I really love Eliza! Please help.”

  1. Lila Norcutt Says:

    I am pretty sure it is too late to save Dollhouse as it was canceled on November 11, 2009. Production was completely wrapped up and the last show aired on January 29, 2010.

    Perhaps you should re-name your campaign, “Resurrect Dollhouse”?

    • The campaign was started before the cancelation was announced and long before production wrapped up. It is taking a very long time to get traction owing in large part to the bans.

      • Lila Norcutt Says:

        Well, regardless of when the campaign was started, the show is indeed dead. You cannot save something that no longer exists. Resurrection is what you are seeking.

  2. I think the campaign is going well. The bans aren’t helping, but I’ve seen a lot of comments on other blogs about this effort, some of them positive. I just wish we could get some response from TNT.

  3. Lila,

    Quit arguing semantics and get to work saving dollhouse. You need to post on twitter and other internet forums about Tore’s efforts. Read the post for more direction.

  4. Please, don’t spam. I don’t care about the quixotic quests of total strangers. Thanks.

    • If you comment publicly on Dollhouse and Felicia Day, you might expect someone to respond to your post. As for Quixotic quests, I might quote you, “…greatness waits for those who try.”

  5. dollhousesucks Says:

    this show sucks

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