Vikings Star Cap trial continues while sleepy press turns back

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams returned to the courthouse today for another day of testimony. The video is choppy as usual owing to the camera I am using, A Canon PowerShot SD780 IS.

I continued to try to get the attention of press to cover the episode at Branch 3 which involves privacy claims as well- video taping homeless people while they sleep. So far, the press has not responded well. It is like the press has turned its back to the public.

Media tunnel vision.

While the press remains sedate to the events around it, a High School Mock Trial tournament is also going on here at the government center.

High School Tournament in Progress at the HCGC

I remember when I participated in mock trials. I hope all the participants have a great time.

Update: I watched most of the final round of the Mock trial. It was an interesting format with 3 lawyers on each team. The students were very well prepared and the arguments were well done. I am not sure how they would pick a winner. The room was overfilled to capacity. I had to watch from the outside hallway. I would rate their performance as highly professional. One more interesting note: the mock case was about the use of steroids by a high school athlete.

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