Twitter censors again.

They have suspended THREE of my accounts again. I constantly read stories about people using Twitter for all kinds of things. I have seen tweets to save shows like Ugly Betty and in anticipation of the cancellation of Heroes. I have seen tweets professing nothing but love for Justin Bieber. My tweets are no different than these and yet my accounts constantly get suspended.

I have no idea how long it will be before they begin trying to suspend accounts of Justin Bieber fans for expressing their love for Justin Bieber and promoting his new album, but it is clearly no different.

What is the point of social networking if everything you do has to constantly be approved by some private censor? What is the point of tweeting to make friends if they can just be wiped out at the appearance of some arbitrary censor?

I just want to interject about this story on the internet.

“Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.”

If it is a fundamental right, clearly Twitter cannot be trusted to safeguard such a right.

Make no mistake about it: Twitter will suspend anyone for any reason. I have posted about Twitter suspensions in the past. Their rules are vague and they seem to apply whenever they decide to apply them.

The only strange activity is on the part of Twitter. Twitter wants to pretend it is a social networking site, but in fact, its suspensions are arbitrary and capricious.

Twitter continues to attack accounts at random.

And I just discovered they suspended two of my accounts!

Eh two? Way to CENSOR Twitter. No freedom medal for you.

Twitter needs to decide once and for all- is it going the way of top down control (that is the path of censorship) or is it truly a social networking site in which people can actually exchange information.

Make that THREE of my Accounts.

Ban Twitter.

It does not appear that social networking sites like Twitter are prepared to adequately protect the free flow of information in this society and they are making a mockery of the internet.

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