Starcap Trial.

The Starcap trial is going on right now. Apparently, the Williams brothers (no relation) used a weight loss supplement and had their privacy compromised by league disclosures of test results.

The media is all over the Williams brothers down at the courthouse. I have attempted to reach out to the media to cover Dollhouse on several occasions, but they seem more concerned with non-stop coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. Too be sure, the Williams trial is more interesting than most as it raises real concerns about privacy and workplace rights. Still, I feel that a story about the efforts to save Dollhouse is definitely warranted after several press releases and nonstop attempts at media outreach.

My story is about the course of true love.

The current MSM appears content to lazily sit back and cover easy stories rather than investigate or take any initiative. What I provide is a love story.

I took some choppy footage on my Canon Powershot SD780 IS Digital Elph camera. As you can see the Canon Powershot is not designed to take very good moving pictures. However, I was more concerned that the Powershot would take poor still pictures, so I opted for the video even though it is not very interesting.

As an aside, the law library on the 24th floor of the Hennepin County Government center (opens at 8:00 am) is an excellent place to spend time until the real downtown library opens at 10:00 am. The law library has limited computer access (1 hour), newspapers, and free wifi).

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