It’s not myspace, it’s their space.

With social media being all the rage these days, I wonder if anyone is paying attention to the marked decline in open space on the forums. I certainly have been as I get routinely banned for almost nothing. I’ve been banned again. This time its from Myspace.

Banned from MySpace...Who cares?

I’m not going to suggest that these social networking sites are in danger of becoming irrelevant. I’m going to say it. If you wonder why you are increasingly bored on your (anti) social networking sites, it is probably because all they want you to do is play some socially approved animal farm game. In the not to distant future, My Space will be good for checking the time and the weather. In any event, the environment is constantly being scrubbed of anything interesting.

One Response to “It’s not myspace, it’s their space.”

  1. Did they give you any reason? Being “banned” sounds extreme to me.

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