No news.

I’m continuing to do outreach but the blog is really slow on traffic. I’m hoping the judge comes through with an order soon. I filed for an emergency ex parte order to begin with owing to the need to keep my outreach going. I’ve really been impaired with the extra bags and lack of storage. Right now, I can’t do any kind of outreach on the Catholic Charities properties. (I finally have the chance to stay there and store some things. It is nice to have a locker again.) I’m not sure why Catholic Charities wants to vet all the press- probably so they don’t have anything unseemly show up in the news reports.

Meanwhile, my EEEbuntu is down. I’ve been trying to get help on the forums, but after trying to adjust the Compiz settings, I’ve got nothing but a black screen to stare at. I tried to find a good book on it at the library. They do have the Linux Cookbook- but no Ubuntu specific books at the downtown central library. I decided to go to Barnes and Noble instead where there are plenty of books in good supply. I looked up some very useful information, but none of it worked out. For now, I’m back to Windows 7 starter.

Overall, the netbook was a great investment. It’s getting me past all the limitations imposed by 3rd party providers- like the job service sites. I’m using Skype to place phone calls for things like check in’s at the shelter and contacting friends again. The battery life is solid. If I’m careful, I can pretty much run all day with it. The charge time, when it is not running, is about 1:50.

Other than that, I have no news.

2 Responses to “No news.”

  1. Oday Tha Rapper Says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I do read your blog, even if I don’t comment. I get the updates automatically in Google Reader.

    I’ll be honest, I first found your blog because I heard about this crazy guy who had a blog. I read some of your posts and decided to subscribe out of pure curiosity.

    As I’ve learned more about you, I’ve decided that you’re definitely not crazy, although I still fail to understand why you would go through all this for a TV show. Yes, it’s a good show, but… care to enlighten me? Maybe in your next post?

  2. Although there are some bumps in the road, it sounds like you’re doing well. Thanks for the update.

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