Patrick Ginter’s Modern Expressionism

Dunn Brothers Coffee Event.

Patrick Ginter's work on display.

Something a bit sunnier for today’s post. I ran into an artist last night at Dunn Bros on 3rd Street. Patrick Ginter is a local Minnesota artist who has developed his painting style over the last 30 years. His style is modern expressionism.

His work definitely adds a lot to the atmosphere at Dunn Bros on 3rd Street. Patrick Ginter is a struggling artist trying to sell prints. I have taken photographs of his art, but his work is highly textured so the pictures I have taken do not do them justice.

Uptown painting by Patrick

Much of his art is highly familar landscapes in Minnesota.

Patrick plans on being at Dunn Bros on Sunday in the morning through the early afternoon. It is an excellent opportunity to meet the artist. He has offered to buy me a cup of coffee, but I must decline. Patrick Ginter’s art will be on display through February 28 at Dunn Bros-Freight House 201 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis. If you want to contact Patrick about his artwork you may visit his website at

Update: So I ran into Patrick again and he showed me a link to his Youtube in which he paints, none other than Brett Favre:

One Response to “Patrick Ginter’s Modern Expressionism”

  1. Maybe he could do some Dollhouse related paintings or a portrait of Eliza?

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