Fox is not the way to Save Dollhouse

Fox is the wrong approach.

I constantly see people signing petitions to try to get Fox to reconsider its cancellation of Dollhouse. Sadly, these efforts are completely misguided. Fox is not interested in Dollhouse and never really was. Early on in the campaign, I attempted to contact Fox with signatures. It was made explicitly clear to me by Mark Hoffman of Fox that Fox was not interested in recieving petitions from me to keep Dollhouse on Fox. You just need to look at the facts as to why contacting Fox is fundamentally misguided. Fox cut the budget for Dollhouse. This shows a lack of commitment. Fox slashed the run time of Dollhouse. They increased the amount of commercial interruption while shortening the showtime. Fox took Dollhouse off the air in November. No network that is seriously committed to a television show would take it off the air during sweeps month. Fox canceled Whedon shows in the past. Season 2 of Dollhouse looks more like a cya memo than a serious commitment by Fox to the show. It appears they just wanted some cover to cancel the show. In order to avoid the anti-Whedon allegation, they placated the fans with a stripped down show with a half-hearted commitment to a second season. I could go on, but hopefully by now you understand why sending Fox letters and petitions is the wrong approach. Please help me move it to a better home.

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