So, I’m on a bit of an art kick. I found this at this piece at the downtown central library. It’s part of a youth art expo that ends with a competition.

Joe Gaudreault is in 12th Grade at Southwest High School. He produced a stencil of Robert Smith of The Cure. He chose the colors because he felt they were representative of “The Cure’s” music. He explains, “The center panel is different because the whole piece looks more symetrical and it is also darker. The reasoning behind this is that it shows the darker side of “The Cure’s” music.”

Well done. I love The Cure. The choice of blue and green coloring is highly representative of their music. The Cure stick to primary colors (RGB) in most of their concerts. I’ve seen many Cure concerts live. In any case, I really connected with the piece. I wrote Joe a short note to thank him for his contribution.

According to the fliers, the Opening reception and awards ceremony for High school people for for Viva City will be February 18th from 5-7pm.

Robert Smith, The Cure, Stencil

Robert Smith stencil

“Only a true fan loves Faith.”

One Response to “Faith”

  1. I don’t see how this helps save dollhouse.

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