Expressing my love for Eliza

As readers know, I have been running this blog to save Dollhouse for Eliza Dushku, the woman I love.

In an attempt to save Dollhouse, I often hand out fliers to people I come into contact with. I also take photographs of a variety of events that I participate in.

Recently, I was confronted by a staff/volunteer at Branch 1 of Catholic charities who prevented me from distributing my fliers to save a television show. I will not reiterate the entire story as you can read the background here. In short, I tried to take the staff/volunteers picture. I was told that I could not take photographs inside the shelter. The next day at Branch 3 of Catholic Charities, I tried to take photographs of people playing Madden 2010 on a Playstation 3 for a second time at Branch 3 and was again told no. READ ABOUT HOMELESS GAMERS HERE.

As a result of these denials, I sought a legal order to enjoin them from preventing me from conducting outreach to save Dollhouse and allowing me to continue to take pictures.

The legal case is moving forward today at 1:30 pm. For my part, I plan to keep things fairly simple in terms of arguing my position. There are a few arguments I will advance. The first is that the government does not have the right to unilaterally waive individual rights. The assignment of a function to a private entity or the private nature of property would curtail all liberties essentially. It would incentive privatization as a method of liquidating individual freedoms. As rights have always existed outside the sphere of the state, it is not the state’s “right” to attempt to extinguish them.

I am also making arguments that first amendment rights are jeopardized by my inability to hand out fliers or take pictures. I articulate this in violation of both freedom of speech and freedom of press. In my experience, few channels remain that offer any kind of real opportunity to exercise freedom of speech. In all seriousness, we could all ask, “Dude, where’s my first amendment?” Obviously, I will articulate a more serious position than that in my formal filings, which will make the point clear.

In addition to that, I am asserting a deprivation of the right to privacy as well as the fourth amendment.

Regarding the right to privacy, I am specifically arguing that video cameras should not be allowed to record people while they are sleeping. People have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the bedroom and this extends to homeless people.

There is a dangerous curtailment of the fourth amendment in this situation. At every point in the system, the individual is essentially forced to give up basic rights in order to receive essential goods and services. Consider the simple act of renting a locker. In order to rent one at Catholic charities Branch 3, one is required to sign a consent to the search of the locker. In order to put this in proper perspective, it would be akin to consenting to having your house randomly searched in the purchase agreement or mortgage loan agreement.

As this was initially an emergency injunction, I reserved my rights regarding other issues (e.g. retaliatory eviction, etc…) that might arise in the future.

I want to make clear that all of this stems from my simple wish to express my love for Eliza Dushku and save her television show.

Of course, this case only matters to people who actually take democratic action. Which reminds me, please sign the petitions and send emails…

What I need you to do to help save Dollhouse:

Please sign the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Please take the time to send TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

*NEW* The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

9 Responses to “Expressing my love for Eliza”

  1. Fellow Eliza FAN! nice.

  2. Tore,

    I know you’re busy and all, but please try to keep your blog updated. It is disappointing to come here and not see any new posts. I want to keep up with what you’re doing to save the show, and how your hearing went.

  3. Maybe in the meantime, you can put your efforts to helping Eliza win this FOX affiliate poll for their ultimate hot girl? Echo is currently losing and as we both know, that’s just a joke! And it’s only round 2!

    Any interest in Dollhouse is good, right? Echo winning would show there is a big demand for Eliza as a lead character and that people really liked Echo.

    Here’s the poll:,0,7065554.story

    There are only 2 days left of voting so we need to get Eliza to the next round.

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