Media Awareness.

There is growing media awareness of the attempts to save the show.

The biggest recent addition was this story on Ohnotheydidn’t:

Man obsessed with Eliza Dushku is homeless after plans to meet her go awry, now only mission is to save the canceled “Dollhouse”.

There are some inaccuracies in the story. The following story also contains some inaccuracies which I have already commented on.

This follows on the footsteps of another story about me in Lillie Suburban newspapers.

A bright spot is this nice coverage in SFFANDOM.

Email outreach to the media was met with limited success:

Finally, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette posted my question and responded. (Scroll down to post by Tore).

Some blogs appear to simply rant in a rather defamatory way.

Here is one that seems particularly misguided.

Unfortunately, it has not been alone in portraying me in a negative and false light. Most of the time, the haters get tired and go away.

Here is a really old one of me in which the individual makes some wild accusations about the blog itself.

Others have also made posts to various forums such as this post in Kotaku.

In any event, I’ve tried to set the record straight by providing people with access to my medical records which state clearly that I am not a threat to myself or anyone else and that Dr. Tom Grace acknowledged that I am in love with Eliza Dushku.

Nevertheless, I still see misleading stories like this.

2 Responses to “Media Awareness.”

  1. Tore,

    It’s good to see you’re making such progress. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. I send TNT at least one email a day, maybe more. I also try to post about your efforts wherever I can, although usually the comments get deleted and I get banned.

    • I’ve been trying to gather signatures since about October. It is good to see some real progress right now- especially through the Twitition.

      I wish the other petitions had recieved a more positive response earlier.

      I appreciate your attempts to promote the efforts to save the show. Many links get through, but many don’t. I try to keep my posts short, simple, and respectful, but even that is not enough to avoid the occassional banhammer. Usually, I go with this:

      Save Dollhouse. Sign petitions and send emails.

      It seems harmless enough, but you never know what kind of an admin or screener you will deal with.

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