Linux on my Asus EEE 1005PEB

After several attempts at testing out different Linux distros, I finally found one that worked. EEEbuntu 3.0 appears to be a well adapted Linux distro for the Asus EEE PC 1005. It is not perfect. In order to get things working, there were several minor problems.

I had to makes sure I was using the appropriate kernal (2.6.30). Prior to using that kernal, EEEbuntu did not provide proper output to my lcd screen. I attatched my EEEbuntu to an external monitor to make the necessary corrections. Likewise the athero wireless drivers are not ready out of the box. Again, this required that I download and instlal the requisite drivers to a USB stick and then install it on my EEEbuntu. Flash support is also a matter of following a few detailed steps.

The EEEbuntu forums appear to provide clear and accurate steps for addressing many of these problems.

EEEbuntu also provides excellent power management features.

I have not yet undertaken the challenge to configure my Skype yet or the microphone in general. It looks like a bit of work.

I must acknowledge that the preloaded Windows7 does an excellent job of providing ready to go support for all your computing needs. (Still keeping my system dual boot means that I can always fall back on Windows for the propietary software and hardware programs, while retaining the ability to enjoy Linux specific features.)

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