Angry Escapist Trolls.

I am getting a lot of angry comments from angry escapist trolls (ET). This appears to be a small but vocal minority of Escapist readers who are upset about my posts to save Dollhouse.

It is impossible to say why exactly posts about the Dollhouse threaten forum admins or outrages some of the escapist forum trolls so much- only that they do. [I would note that the angry Escapist Trolls have apparently appointed themselves as guardians of the Escapist community and apparently feel comfortable with deciding what is or is not appropriate for the Escapist community rather than let members of the community decide for itself. Shouldn’t people be provided with the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not the information is relevant to them?]

The reason for the ban was my post on the eviction by Catholic Charities in response to my lawsuit. Currently, I have been prohibited from using their facilities- which include access to $1 laundry, breakfasts, foot massage services, etc… The forum admin considers the story an advertisement. I do not. I consider it newsworthy.

I did post to Escapist articles on Dollhouse in which I ASKED people to sign the petitions and send emails. These posts are not the subject of my current ban.

These are the kinds of minor things, which have impaired progress in getting signatures all along. It wears one down to constantly have to challenge the forum admins who are apparently unaccustomed to novel and interesting posts. The good news, in several cases the bans have been reversed. In truth, I am not sure these forums are not good for collecting signatures anyway. I get very little traffic from them.

I would also note some forums seem very open- like Sarcastic Gamers. TY!

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