Testing new Distros.

It’s been a while since I have had the chance to play around with linux. Since my netbook was stolen yesterday, installing Linux distros took a back seat to recovery.

The good news is that I am currently in the process of trying new distros. I have been able too boot my netbook using my Knoppix USB. In addition to that, I currently installed a 4GB persisent Linux Mint 8 on an SD card. Works great. I’m updating this post with it. I would love to testdrive the Fluxbox version as well to see how the power saving features work. Might make more sense for a netbook.

Other than that, I am still exploring ways to get Skype to work on portable systems. I played around at St. Stephen’s yesterday with trying to get the system to work with my Knoppix drive, but sound drivers did no come through. I can access my Skype, but no sound works. It would be very nice to get a portable Skype solution going.

Update: Well I’ve been toying around with my Netbook 1005PEB. I have a problem getting the touchpad/keyboard working. It does not seem atypical. Also, for some strange reason, Skype will not install on my Mint8. I tried to do USB installs of Ubuntu, MintFluxbox, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and Linux Mint. In all cases, I ended up with the buggy touchpad behavior. It looks like it will take a long time to get all of the features working. I must admit, Windows7 starter is doing a great job of running on this netbook. The power saving features are very nice.

I’ve posted on the Mint forums looking for a solution to the Touchpad issues. I am hoping an answer will come soon as I would love to have access to multiple screens.

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