Still homeless- Dollhouse homeless soon.

Dollhouse will be off the air this Friday. This is a serious situation.

My own situation is not much better.

I lost almost all my productive outreach yesterday because of a morning incident regarding my netbook. I was charging the netbook in the chapel at Salvation Army on Currie (connected to Safe Bay). The netbook got taken. In any case, I promptly reported the incident and the police came out and took a report.

Here is the blue card from the police department.

Minneapolis police Salvation Army Harbor Lights Chapel Safebay Asus 1005

Minneapolis police incident report.

I can’t tell you how upsetting this was as my netbook is the only real chance to connect with a lot of people. In addition to that, I was struggling to carry everything I owned around. Since Catholic Charities evicted me from their homeless shelter in retaliation for asserting my rights to save Dollhouse, I was carrying everything I owned around.

The incident was videotaped by security cameras in the church. I’m still a bit surprised that anyone would try to steal a laptop in those settings. The homeless community is fairly tight nit and no one can afford to get a bad reputation.

In any event, I am happy to say that the laptop was recovered!!! The police consider the matter closed. I have not ever seen the video tape, but most people feel I am very lucky to get the laptop back.

Nevertheless, this was another draining setback. I spent most of the day throwing away all the things I did not absolutely need. I went to lottery at Simpson shelter but it did not work out. I did not even get on a wait list. This means I am stuck at Safebay. One good note was I got some locker space at Simpson so I was able to store a lot more stuff.

One bright spot, I got a free haircut by Tracy Muse at St. Stephen’s shelter. Tracy is cutting hair on Mondays starting at 3:30 pm. He only takes up to 6 people, so sign up and get there early.

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