Help in anyway you can!

I am doing this because I love Eliza.

Please sign the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Please take the time to send TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

Learn more about the course of true love here.

And special thanks to SFFANDOM for noticing these efforts to save Dollhouse.

8 Responses to “Help in anyway you can!”

  1. Hey, I came here from a link I saw on another site and I just wanted to say that, from reading your blog, I think you’re a really awesome, dedicated, intelligent, well spoken, and genuine person. I’d be honored to have a friend like you. Please don’t let any haters on the internet bring you down, you know you’re a good person and you know what you’re doing comes from a sincere place. Little kids on the internet who think it’s fun to harass others anonymously, for no other reason than boredom, are sick and sad. I love Dollhouse, too, and I’m crushed that it’s over so soon. I totally appreciate your efforts to save it. Thank you for working so hard! It means a lot to me and I’m sure it would mean a lot to Eliza, too. She’s lucky to have such a loyal fan. I know you won’t, because you’re on a mission, but I do wish that you would put yourself first. Eliza is a wonderful woman, my favorite actress actually, but, from reading your blog, it seems like you’re giving up a LOT for this. Like, you graduated law school, traveled to many parts of the world, seemed to be accomplished in your career, etc. yet you’re putting all of that on hold for this, something that in my opinion, is not as important as YOU. I know you won’t agree, because saving the show for Eliza is the most important thing to you, but I do wish that it wasn’t. Just for your sake, because you’ve gone through so much and you just really deserve a break. If I lived anywhere near you, I would gladly welcome you into my home and let you stay on my couch for a while. I’m sorry this message is so long, I’m not even sure why I’m writing it, but something about you really resonates with me. I feel like I understand you in a way. So I just really wanted to let you know that I think you’re a special person with a lot to offer. This is a terrific site, and your writing is extremely interesting and engaging. I hope that you’ll start taking care of yourself soon, because you’ve been taking care of Eliza for so long now, and it seems like you’re forgetting about yourself. Eliza is a strong woman and is going to be OK! I read your scripts and I enjoyed them. Have you tried sending her the links to them through Twitter? I know you worked hard on them, that is very evident. But again, I don’t think they’re worth putting YOUR life on hold for so long for. I know that you think they are, though. So do what you must! Please take care. I will be periodically checking back, as I enjoy reading about your adventures. You have a talent for blogging! You’re welcome to e-mail me if you ever need a friend, or just someone to talk to, though I admit I don’t check it as often as I should. Again, I’m sorry this is so long. I’m going to stop now.


  2. crassmonkey Says:

    Did you know that one of your posters is featured on ?

    (and yes, after seeing your site, I believe that you are in fact crazy)

    • I’ve also been portrayed on Kotaku comments in a similar light. I would only like to note that I believe the question of my sanity has been thoroughly addressed my Dr. Tom Grace and urge all people to review the Medical records section before making such accusations.

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