Legal Remedy sought against Catholic Charities.

Last night, my attempts to distribute fliers were substantially impaired by a staff or volunteer. I was also informed that I am not to take any photographs at Catholic Charities.

Here is a photo which would be prohibited:

Security Camera

This is a picture of the security camera on the second floor of the Branch building which records us where we sleep.

Another photo which would be prohibited is this photograph of the computer lab notice I took today at Branch 3.

Computers are not working.

People were playing Madden 2010. They asked I not take their picture. The staff then told me that I could not take photographs inside.

I did take photographs outside of Branch 3 to show Madden2010. Because people requested I not take their picture, this photo only really shows Madden2010 on the screen.

Madden 2010 from Outside Branch

You can see how the images are of a substantially reduced quality.

I argued that my first ammendment rights are at stake. Essentially, I am claiming that they are setting up a charity curtain to keep information about conditions from getting in and out of the Branch. At the same time, I am attempting to pierce the charitable “veil”. If the state operated these services directly, the first ammendment protections would be transparent. Outsourcing the services creates the opportunity to deny the first amendment.

As a homeless person, I cannot simply come and go as I please, so I’ve tried to reach out to people inside the shelter system. Volunteer groups come in. Not only do they get the flier, but they provide immediate confirmation that I am in a homeless shelter. We make a connection.

I felt that the emergency order was necessary because the SHOW WILL BE OFF THE AIR after next week! This is the time to save Dollhouse.

In any event, the Judge denied my request for an emergency order. A hearing on the matter is set for February 3, 2010. Here is the Judge’s order.

Judge's Order

My position is that this will be too late to save the show! In any case, here are my pleadings. Please excuse any mistakes, I drafted these in a bit of haste. I was kicked out of Branch and went straight to Hennepin County Courthouse. I only had about 3 hours to put this together. Not being primarily a civil lawyer, I’m sure I made some mistakes. (It’s not easy to practice law while homeless.)

Pleading Page 1

Pleading Page 2

17 Responses to “Legal Remedy sought against Catholic Charities.”

  1. […] 1 of Catholic charities who prevented me from distributing my fliers to save a television show. I will not reiterate the entire story as you can read the background here. In short, I tried to take the staff/volunteers picture. I was told that I could not take […]

    • Stop spamming the Escapist with your dumb threads regarding Dollhouse. We don’t want to hear about it anymore, leave us alone.

      • S:

        It’s a post, not spam. Since it has my name on it and says something like “Save Dollhouse” or the like, you don’t have to read it. But if you open the post, its your own fault if you can’t escape.

      • That’s not the point.

        Don’t spam. It’s as simple as that. If you’re going to be a contributing member of the Escapist, then don’t go around constantly posting your website in vain attempt to gain support from an unsympathetic collective. If all you’re going to do is post a link to your website and constantly talk about Dollhouse like an OCD victim, then leave and quit taking space in threads and pages. We don’t want to hear about Dollhouse anymore and we’ve accepted the fact that only hell or high water is going to reverse an executive decision.

        In the words of Willy Wonka

        ~Good day sir!

  2. “It’s a post, not spam.”

    So if I were to come to your blog and post the same thing over and over agian, it’d be ‘a post, not spam’ right?

    Wait, wait, wait, that’s not how it works. In fact it’s the opposite. If I post the same thing repeatedly, it decidedly *is* spam.

    • I was not spamming the Escapist. The forum post was in “religion and politics”. I should not be banned for posting about legal action against Catholic Charities not allowing me to take photos of Madden 2010 players or solicit support to save the television show Dollhouse. This is ridiculous. It was a legitimate post.

      • suiseisekiirl Says:

        That still doesn’t mean you can post the same damn thing over and over and over again. Just because you’re posting something that is within the ballpark of discussion doesn’t mean you can go and create threads and posts with no substance whatsoever.

        If you want your message heard without repercussions, pay for ad time on the website. That way your message is heard by more and with less negative response. Who knows, maybe then we might actually care about your cause and not group you with the same people who post their YouTube videos to get more views.

      • It was one post of highly interesting content that was both topical and relevant.

      • suiseisekiirl Says:

        Everything leading up to that was spam. How about your first post. Let me read it out to you:

        “I’m trying to save Dollhouse. Sign emails and send petitions.

        Posting offenses: Low content post, advertising

        How about your second post:

        “Save Dollhouse

        Low content post, advertising, and spamming.

        And your third post which happened to be your first thread:

        “Save Dollhouse. Sign petitions and send emails.

        That’s low content post, low content thread, advertising, and spamming.

        Then you made a follow up thread:

        “I am trying to save Dollhouse. I was told I could not take pictures of people (for example playing Madden 2010) on Catholic Charities properties. I decided to try to get an injunction.

        Low content thread, advertising, spamming.

        And your final post:

        “Legal case against charity, Madden 2010, homelessness, Eliza Dushku and Dollhouse. What more could you ask for?

        Low content post, low content thread, advertising, URL masking in an attempt to lead posters to this site, spamming.

        When you tally that up, that’s four counts of Low-Content Posting, three counts of creating a Low-Content Thread, four counts of Spamming, Five founts of Advertising, and one count of masking.

        And because of these offenses you have now been banned from the Escapist.

        You get *nothing*! You lose! Good day sir!

      • The “low-content posting” involves posts to the comments fields in news articles related to Dollhouse. I google news search articles for “Dollhouse” as a way of letting people know about the petitions. If a post gets updated (which some sites apparently do to get higher on the google news hit list), I may inadvertently end up double posting because it comes up on different days in the google news field. I do not feel I should make extensive posts in the comments section, but get straight to the point asking people to sign the petitions and send emails. I personally do not care how many people visit my site. My goal was to try to save a television show for someone I care about. I have spent all of my money and time trying to get this done. I will leave you to your high content discussion of Australian small breast bans.

      • suiseisekiirl Says:

        The fact it was in a news article doesn’t matter. Your posts are required to have what we like to call “substance”. A post can be over 3000 words long, but if it has no substance, the mods will hammer you for it.

        You still haven’t provided a logical rebuttal for your self-promotional advertising, which is still a bannable offense. You also have yet to provide an explanation for why your spamming is justified too.

        Your beyond obsession with Dollhouse is unhealthy and you need to seek attention for it. Spending every cent you make on this crusade of yours is only going to ruin you in the end. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to amass enough support to have the execs reverse their decisions, and no external influences other than an angry mob outside headquarters is going to stop them from cancelling Dollhouse. And if this mission of yours is dedicated to someone else, fine. Good for you. That’s *still* not going to change their minds.

        And as for the petitions, let me acquaint you to a very situationally appropriate saying among us forum goers.

        “We are not your personal army”

        Enjoy your ban.

      • Are you a grue? 🙂

        I’ve explained my position enough. I do not think you are willing to consider the legitimacy of my posts no matter what I say and I cannot waste more time on this. I am creating a new section for you to post away to rather than continue this here. If you want to continue this discussion, please do so in my post on angry escapist trolls.

        BTW, I am challenging the ban.

      • I see your attempts at swaying the moderator’s to unban you has failed.

        Please do not create another account for the Escapist. And if you do, don’t be a dumbass and spam the threads again, unless you’re looking for an IP ban and not be able to access any sites run by Themis Media.

        Good luck with your ridiculous court case, and enjoy spending every last penny on an actress who is still likely to get another gig with Whedon. Hopefully one day you will look back on this and realize that this little series of incidents were caused by a silly obsession for an actress who couldn’t care less.

  3. suiseisekiirl Says:

    Yeah, good luck with that and all.

    Looked at your new article. You leave out all five of the posts you’ve been banned for. Maybe you should get screenshots of that and maybe then you and others will begin to see a pattern and understand why you have been banned in the first place.

  4. […] 1 of Catholic charities who prevented me from distributing my fliers to save a television show. I will not reiterate the entire story as you can read the background here. In short, I tried to take the staff/volunteers picture. I was told that I could not take […]

  5. […] at Branch 2 of Catholic charities who prevented me from distributing my fliers to save Dollhouse. I will not reiterate the entire story as you can read the background here. In short, I tried to take the staff/volunteers picture. I was told that I could not take […]

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