No Redemption for Twitter.

I spent some time trying to unsuspend an account I set up. I got the account unsuspended by Twitter. Initially I was posting about my donation to YELE during the first suspension. Details of the first suspension are here.

Twitter lifted the suspension. I began tweeting again about Haiti and then moved on to the “Redemption” song event at Cavalry church.

After about 19 more tweets, the account was again suspended. I have requested a second investigation.

Account Suspended Again.

I thought the point of Twitter was to let people know what was going on? Am I missing something?

Update: After emailing them again, Twitter again unsuspended the account with another warning not to Spam. It takes a long time to get these accounts re-opened. In any case, the account is open for now. How long?

7 Responses to “No Redemption for Twitter.”

  1. Mrs. Jacobson Says:

    You are being suspended because you are spamming. Read the rules:

    • I recieve plenty of spam on twitter. I thought the point of tweeting was to make people aware of what was going on. If I had millions of followers, I would not need to reach out tweet by tweet, but no other way I can do it.

  2. I am in agreement with Mrs. Jacobsen. Though I did visit this blog as a result of the spam reply you sent my account, most people are unlikely, and indeed unwilling, to acquiesce to the demands and requests of spammers. I’m sorry that you feel that your message is not reaching a large enough audience, but it is not the fault of Twitter (a private corporation) that you have not taken the time to develop a base of followers, and it is also not their problem if the message you are spreading fails to attract those followers. I don’t want you, or any other spammer, gumming up my feed or my “followers” list – I have not expressed interest in you, or your cause, and as such would appreciate not being targeted in your advertising campaign (yes, it is a form of advertising.) If people do not enjoy solicitors at the door or telemarketers on the phone, what makes you think they leap at the chance to be proselytized over the internet?

    However, having now done as you wished and visited your blog, I have other opinions to vocalize. Having reviewed several of your posts it seems likely to me that you are psychologically unwell and are suffering from some kind of psychological preoccupation or obsession, and possibly also delusions. It is unfortunate that you are homeless, but perhaps your time would be better spent remedying that condition, and not harassing well-meaning charities and tying up the local judicial system with your unbalanced obsession.

    • Do you sleep with a video camera feeding video to strangers over your bed?

      • The video surveillance is as much for your safety, and in your interest, as for the shelter’s safety and interests. You should realize this, as surveillance footage is the only reason you were able to recover the NetBook that was stolen from you (per your previous post.) Were it not evident that you suffer from delusions, I would point out that benefiting from the security cameras, and then attempting to have them removed, or to have the shelter penalized for their use, makes you a first-class hypocrite. However, as you are obviously unwell, perhaps such harsh judgments are unwarranted.

        I hope you receive the help you need, beyond just food and shelter.

  3. […] I have been suspended for tweeting about community events, such as MLK Day events, as well as donations to Haiti. […]

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