Linux Updates

With my Knoppix pendrive and Plopbootmanager, I have been able to overcome some of the limitations of not having a netbook or laptop.

I attended a meeting over at Twin Cities Voice Mail where I discussed the benefits of having homeless people use their own Knoppix Pen drives. People can customize the pendrives with programs they want, such as graphics editors (GIMP), telephone services (Skype), screenwriting software (Celtx), or other linux programs. Admittedly, space is somewhat short, but it is much better than nothing. My pen currently has Skype and flash installed. I have not been able to test my Skype install yet, but plan to. I feel a personal and portable computing solution like a pendrive would go along way to giving people more access and control to technology. As a personal aside, I plan on getting a netbook or notebook soon.

The next meeting is scheduled on the same day as the precinct caucuses. I could not commit to attending the next meeting, but thanked them for listening to me talk about possible Knoppix pen solutions.

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