There was a Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Diversity Job Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. yesterday.

The job fair was packed with people. There were way more applicants than jobs. For a brief time, former Senator Norm Coleman made an appearance. I guess he was looking for a new job.

The job fair exhibitors fell into several basic categories. There were the usual schools that are mostly recruiting for educational programs. A few of the schools were promoting their own job fairs. This seemed a bit odd.

Many of the job seekers I spoke to were frustrated by the lack of actual applying and interviewing. The job fair exhibitors told job seekers to apply online. Many wondered why they bothered to show up if all they were going to be told was to visit the website. Others, particularly in IT, complained about the lack of opportunities at the fair which were specific to their skill set. It would make more sense to at least have computers at the event where people could follow up and apply. It might be nice to have some interviewers present.

I spoke to several companies, including WCCO, DisneyTV, TheCW (TC), Northern Lights Broadcasting company.

A few special mentions. First goes to the Timberwolves/Lynx. They need sales assistance. Everyone in the shelters appreciated the free tickets to their games.

McDonalds also has needs for two managers at its stores. (McDonalds has free refills on coffees and is very friendly to shelter residents on Nicollete near 24th street. They also gave us $5 booklets and a $5 gift certifcate for hiring). McDonald’s is hiring but you must apply online. They have applications at:

I was told they have manager openings in Northeast on Stinson Boulevard and Nicollet & 82nd. You need reliable transportation and a clean record.

As an aside, the way felonies get handed out these days, it is very difficult for some people to get jobs. It seems strange to expand the range of felonies while simultaneously funding efforts to overcome them. St. Stephen’s job club is trying to keep a list of “felony” friendly employers to help out, but they acknowledge there is no such thing as a felony friendly environment.

I spoke again to WCCO and thanked them for the Taste of the NFL Second Harvest event. Overall, I met many interesting job seekers all trying to figure out how to navigate the difficult system of getting a job.

One Response to “MLK DAY JOB FAIR”

  1. true. There is no such thing as a felony friendly list of employers that is worth the paper that it is typed on.
    Good Luck

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