Calvary Church MLK DAY

In addition to the MLK job fair, I attended MLK events near Whittier school. I watched a hip-hop dance put on an incredible performance. The work really showed.

Hip hop dancers

After that, it was over to Cavalry church. I will say the deserts were excellent. There was an excellent peach cobbler as well as no-sugar banana pudding.


A few other homeless people did attend the event, but there were very few homeless people in attendance.

Sen. Berglin was in attendance. She continues to express concern about the medical assistance program. As readers of my blog know, I recently withdrew my application for medical assistance. I felt that it would only encourage unnecessary medical treatment in my case.

I also ran into someone named “Tor” who spoke about the coincidence of my being named “Tore”.

In photo Tor on left; Tore on Right.

Senator Al Franken showed up. People are always excited about him- as a celebrity and a politician. Many people thanked Senator Franken for his leadership, including a young woman from MPIRG.

I made sure to ask Senator Franken to look at Dollhouse. He may have some Hollywood connections. I’m not holding my breath, but I felt it would be wise to mention the show.

Senator Franken at Cavalry Church

Rep. Keith Ellison was the keynote and he did not disappoint. He gave a highly detailed account of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and encouraged everyone in the audience to read Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rep. Ellison

I spoke to Rep. Ellison after the speech after he took a photo with the Wellstone Elementary drumline.

Rep. Ellison and Wellstone Drumline

I spoke to him about Dollhouse and he gave me his personal card.

Maria Isa performed two hip hop songs from her new album. She sang songs related to nonviolence.

There was also a surprisingly powerful rendition of “Redemption song” by a young man.

Many of the people present, including the politicians, were talking about the perennial issues of health care, living wages, and social justice.

I could not help out long. After the event, I returned to Simpson Shelter to find out I did not get a bed and am not too high on the waiting list at Our Savior. I thanked Robert for making sure I was a call in and rushed downtown to check in at “Tramp Camp” first floor of Hennepin County Secure Area. There were only two matts left. I chose one near the back. The fellow next to me was rambling all night long. He sounded like a Sleestack from the Land of the Lost. Between “hissing” sounds, he swore and rambled incoherently. I did not get much sleep.


I did everything I could to try to save Dollhouse. Saving Dollhouse is my priority. Eliza Dushku means everything to me. I was pleased to have an opportunity to reflect on Martin Luther King Jr. and meet some politicians, but my real focus remains on the television show and my expression of love for Eliza Dushku.

It’s the opposite of Chaplin, I suppose. Chaplin was a Hollywooder who played a tramp; I am a tramp playing my hand at being a Hollywooder. All for love, though.

2 Responses to “Calvary Church MLK DAY”

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  2. […] also decided to take a picture by T(h)or for the fun of it. (Not the first time.) […]

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