Yele Donations on Twitter, Linux forums, censorship.

I posted recently about my $5 contribution to Yele. I’ve seen evidence another homeless person donated. Many homeless people do have money as some are working and others have small savings. (It appears it is indeed better to contribute directly to Yele rather than conduct a text donation.) The money appears to arrive faster if it does not have to be paid on the next bill. Unfortunately, my attempts to tweet about it on a special account were shot down by Twitter. I am currently contesting this suspension.

Yele Twitter Account

Update: It appears the the twitter accounts will be suspended if they have 20 “similar tweets” in a very short time. Not sure why. I tried the Digg story on homeless gamers with a different account and it tripped the ban as well. As I’ve said time and time again, it seems we simply open up spaces to shut them down.

Meanwhile, forums are rarely better.

My current favorite ban is this one.

Banned: Forever. Will Linux reach 2%?

The reason I find it so silly is they require 15 posts before you can post a link. I posted about Starcraft under Wine, creating Knoppix Distros, using Skype on Knoppix, Wiibrew, Celtx, anything Linux I could think of. All I really wanted to do was post one story about homeless USB sticks.

Likewise, I constantly have comment posts which are “awaiting” forum moderators as well as those that have been removed.

Physical space is really not much better for getting messages out.

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  1. […] No Redemption for Twitter. I spent some time trying to unsuspend an account I set up. I got the account unsuspended by Twitter. Initially I was posting about my donation to YELE during the first suspension. Details of the first suspension are here. […]

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