Volunteers at Simpson

A few days ago, some of the volunteers did not show up. This forced someone to come in on call as staff. Although it is a large time commitment, I regularly see committed volunteers coming into the shelter. If you are interested in volunteering, you should contact Simpson shelter.

Overall, the dinner and food service remains very good. Some mornings we are treated to a hot breakfast. (This is ESPECIALLY nice on Sundays because Branch 3 is closed!) The last group of morning volunteers included members of a youth Wayzata Hockey team (Banta) who will play at Le Crescant, Wisconsin. Good luck! They will be back on Monday so we will find out how they did!

I also appreciate the help of volunteers who make sure people get fed when we arrive late. Last night, Chelsey made sure there was food for latecomers like myself. (She just got back from Florida). Last night, my choice was between tacos or a nacho dish. Went to bed very full. Thanks again!

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