Locker info.

Here is the information regarding the locker details according to the email in my inbox:

“The lockers are located at Public Storage, 2516 Wabash Avenue . If you take the eastbound 16 to Pelham (at 280 and University) and head south towards 94 on the west side of 280, the storage place is within 1/3 to ½ mile. If you rent a locker you will get the access code to the building and the key to the storage unit. You can access the lockers any day at anytime. Locker rental is $4/month.”

Whether or not the locker program continues depends on whether or not there is enough interest. As the email explains:

“As I mentioned yesterday, we are not sure how long we will be able to maintain the storage space. But, if we get 5 or 6 more people renting space we can keep it going.”

In the meantime, I have been told I can keep my locker space at Simpson for a few more days even after I leave.

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