Library Meetings.

Not much to shout about. A few people stopped in. A lot of people at the Central library are probably all too familiar with the campaign. I was told not to stay in my “reserved” room and forced to take my signs down promoting the meeting! It did not help that the DID did not approve my signs claiming they were too “unprofessional”. I think the DID would better serve their corporate clients by allowing the posting of events.

In any event, combined with the libraries unposting policy, traffic was predictably slower than expected. I did my best to post the signs without regard to the formal policy, until a library employee dragged me away from room 202 and forced me to remove the signs I posted.

Room 202 Meeting Room

Here is a sign that was considered an unacceptable posting:

Banned sign.

Located on the first floor, this sign escaped my notice until I left the library.

I want to thank the people who did take the time to stop in and sign the petition (Denny, Mary-Kay, and Chris).

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