Employment Centers

No real progress was made this week on improving conditions @ Branch 3 despite the repeated promises action will be taken. The computers still do not recognize the USB drives. The phones are still not working. I have not heard they have any ink in their printers.

PPL does allow for printing. The computers are networked. When classes are not in session there are plenty of available computers. The use of the computers drops dramatically during training classes. Still, for printing a resume, PPL is currently top flight.

They also provide various forms of training. At present, I feel the computer classes are a bit too limited for all but the basic skills. Hopefully, they will add a number of training to increase peoples social networking skills and focusing on new media enterprises such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and blogging (WordPress/Blogger).

PPL Trainings and Events

St. Stephen’s offers long term job searching alternatives, but does not have as many computers. They do allow for a limited amount of socializing to break up the tedious nature of a job search.

Recently, it was decided two of the computers would be shutdown because they could not be monitored in real time. This makes no sense as the lab is small and all the screens can be accessed quite easily.

One other problem I am working on is access to telephone services. I was able to finally install Skype on my USB stick, but have not tested it. As regular readers know, I am using KNOPPIX linux and Plopbootmanager to install and access my portable linux system. This allows me to customize my stick and install the programs I need and want. If I can get it to work, Skype would allow me to access my regular voice mail, use my old telephone number, and make local and long distance calls. I currently am unable to return a call I recieved. Hopefully, I can work on that.

At various sites, website blockers continue to impair job searching. Here is a response I received to rating a BBC jobs page.

Sonic Wall blocks job search

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