Job Searches

Branch 3 continues to have computer difficulties. I spoke to Margaret and she is hoping to have the problems resolved this week by IT. They have had no phone access and limited computer functionality. The printer is not working and external accessory systems continue to be denied. Anyone who wants to use a USB drive could probably just ask Margaret for a LIVE CD of Linux. I left MINT and KNOPPIX with her. You can boot from USB in the boot menu on the computers. It’s up to her. Really, Branch 3 is offering nothing but excuses for the most part.

St. Stephen’s job club continues to cruise along. Lynne gets support from staff and volunteers, like Nicole, who give presentation and job tips on Tuesdays. Today we covered negotiations. There were many points of views and interesting conversations, but there was also a general consensus that Brett Favre would not be in the playoffs if he played for the Detroit Lions.

The club runs from 9:00-12:00pm on Tuesday. They provide a nice lunch, snacks, and coffee.

Lunch at the job club!

The printer works and they have a few items of interview clothing that might fit someone. Site blockers continue to impair job searches, but so far I have requested and unblocked two sites. Staff does seem very attuned to dealing with these issues.

Good luck to Will who ironed his shirt for an interview today.

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