Cavalry Church MLK Day- No dinner

Cavalry Church Event

I attended Cavalry church last Sunday. I was hoping to follow up on the MLK day event. The latest news is that they are cancelling the MLK day dinner and scaling back to a “Soulful” desert.

Jill Sondergaard sent the following in her email:

Email to me from Jill re: MLK dinner

I can’t say that I’m happy about the news. To cancel the dinner now, seems very disappointing.

I did email and request assistance from others to see if they had the opportunity to help with the dinner on MLK day. Most people I spoke with seem to feel it is too late to help mobilize for a dinner.

The event belongs to the Cavalry church and any offer of help should be directed towards them.

If you want to volunteer or otherwise help out, you should contact Jill at:

I also feel Rep. Ellison’s office is in a bind. They probably figured, like me, there would be a dinner offering. They certainly cannot back out of an MLK day event, but I doubt they will be very impressed with the sudden change of plans. Still, Rep. Ellison is a skilled politician and I’m sure he is used to set backs in events. I’m sure he and his staff will be prepared to manage the event well.

As for me personally, the night of the event will be my first day beyond my 28 day stay at Simpson. This means I must arrange for a place to stay prior to the event.

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